Ezi Queen Systems NZ

20 years ago a beekeeper was having trouble seeing the tiny queen bee larvae while trying to produce queens and Royal Jelly.

Like many back yard inventions, Ezi Queen was born of necessity. Putting his Kiwi ingenuity, engineering background and obsession (more like compulsion) for problem solving to work, he invented a method of transferring queen larvae safely and quickly.

While solving his own problem, Tony soon discovered many more as he turned Ezi Queen into a product, and took it to the world.

Manufacturing difficulties, patent attorneys, dodgy business partners and the over whelming world of international trade put Ezi Queen, and it���s unsuspecting inventor through the works.

While generally experiencing success and interest in many countries, Ezi Queen has had mixed reviews in the past. This is mainly due to insufficient documentation and a fledgling company facing the rigors of international trade.

In 2014, Tony teamed up with a youthful team passionate about social and environmental change, ready to do business in a fresh way.

After 20 years in development, final alterations to original Ezi Queen Systems are underway.

We���re not far off launching our improved product range, and announcing some exciting projects for 2015 and beyond.

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